Hiatus Filler: Cabal's Nightwing

Whelp as you can guess the hiatus is a thing :(

I've inked the next page, along with one for Plague, but that isn't a page, and I don't want to spoil the surprise on what's coming. Soooo....

Instead I give you a halloween picture I did up back in 2010... FOUR YEARS AGO. Oye! LOL!

Cabal looks REALLY good as Nightwing, btw.

This one came about while watching a marathon of "Teen Titans" with daughtersan and making the comment of how much the future version of Robin (AKA Nightwing) looked so much like Cabal it wasn't funny. It took my daughter all of 20 minutes to convince me I needed to draw that. :P

Enjoy Cabal as Nightwing!