Hiatus Filler: The Twins

Today's Page

Say hello to General Claudius Arelius (yes I know... :P) and his twin brother, Major Salus. When this story wraps up, these two will be playing a peripheral role in the next story arc, "The Devil's Own".

They are the first, and only, twin dhampirs accepted into the services of the vampire Lord, Damien's, elite personal guard The Devil's Own. Salus is the older, more reckless and head strong brother, while Claudius is the quiet and organized sort (Whereas he attained General next to his brothers lowly major). There will be an unseen story in between the two "Crimson Death" that speaks about the tragic loss of their other 10 half brothers... but it will get brought into the story through discussion and perhaps even flashbacks.

The story takes place in a future Italy, in one of the many vampire courts that took over Europe after the fall of civilization. Lord Damien is quite different from the other lords of the area in that he was once human royalty, turned by accident on a visit to the United States (before the nuclear accident). He turns after his return... And retains the leadership of his Family's Estate. Long fascinating story short, he finds that he needs protection from daytime threats and creates a cadre of dhampirs (yup all his sons from different human mothers) to keep him safe during the day.

Yet this is not about Damien (directly) it's about his cadre, one guard in particular... Dominic...