I Can Do a Lot More Than That!

Something neither Miranda nor Sagira were aware of evidently. Dang Cabal you're really bad about passing along vital information.

So what is Garrett going to do I wonder?

Tales from the Dead Zone is LIVE!

That's right it's time to get your copies of the short story collection based on charcaters and events in the Only Haf Universe! Check out my Amazon page for more details!

Possible Hiatus

While I'm not saying this for sure, I'm feeling the need to drop a quick hiatus next week. Things have been just really busy on this end. And not helping has been the idea that my weekends are completely non-existent at home for the next few weeks (And have been for the previous few as well).

If it happens it will be for BOTH titles. This will give me a bit of time to get a meager buffer back together (I literally worked on the page you see over nearly five days about an hour at a time... that's how little time I've had for art lately)