TOHS: Genesis cover

'Nother Filler, Sorry

So what's the happs? Yeah about that... see normally my weekends are the days when I do my arting... only this weekend I was away for my Anniversary Weekend (Numba 24!!). I didn't feel right insisting on doing art when hubby and I are supposed to be enjoying each other's company. SOOOOO...

So today's filler is pretty special! This is the cover mock up for TOHS: Genesis! The book is a collection of three novellas revolving around the rise of the dhampirs in my universe! From the viral trap set by the humans to kill the vampires to the resulting dhampir births to the rising conflict between the two! I'm excited because End of an Era, Seeds of Truth, and White Out are relatively new stories to my stable! :)


That's right all! We've deliberated, we've hemmed and hawed, and finally came to our final decision regarding application season! So please welcome to the Forest the following Comics and their creative teams!

Please take some time to check them out! :) You won't be disappointed! We'll be doing weekly spotlights of a small group of comics from the list in coming weeks with descriptions and everything! Be on the lookout!