And You Involved My Family?!

I spent... five days trying to get this page done. My motivation for art during the week is quite hard to find. I was only up to flats as of the 12th of September...:( I did the final stuff on it Saturnday morning.

Yes that means my buffer is almost dead...


Anyway. I think Cabal has a right to be mad here. They've managed to stay out from under brood radar for decades. None of them know how Meirakat tracked them here, but it's obvious that their cover's blown.

Sagira's little asides through the past couple of pages have been add ons, but I think they're pretty necessary to show the confusion she's feeling at the amount of information Cabal seems to know... about everything here... from Garrett's identity to who this mysterious Meirakat is. (Those who don't remember he was last seen in NRTD).

Dead Zone Promotion PT III

While the second part of the Dead Zone Promotion rolls on in the form of beautiful art that is included in the book and teasers about the different stories, it's time to announce the next leg of the trip!

Beginning on the 24th of September and running through the 30th of September, I will be running a Kindle Promotion on Before the Fall! I will add the Redemption book after September 25th to the 30th. (due to KDP select terms expiration - GROAN)

Here's the deal, for those days, you will be able to pick up Kindle versions of Before the Fall and Redemption at DEEP discounts! I'm talking $.99 per download! THAT'S RIGHT! What a perfect way to familiarize yourself with the true depth of the Only Half Universe before you pick up the Dead Zone Collection?