Can You Get Up?

Ah, that first cell really generated some interest during the livestream the day this was created. See my vampires didn't always try to kill their meals. In fact up until the virus most vampires left their victims alive. So how does that happen when you pierce the jugular? You have salviva that accelerates healing, that's how.

The practice of ganging up on a victim or killing one after a feeding came about after the prevelance of the virus.

The genetic adaptation has remained - and even the vampire courts use the practice. So because Sagira is 3/4 vampire she has the capability (well Cabal does too, but he's not used it but once... he grew up with the notion of killing his meals so as not to spread the virus - he's since discovered he doesn't carry vampiresella and is immune to its effects.)

I really like how those first three cells came out actually, especially since I had NO idea how I was going to handle the concept of her healing Garrett's arm.