Filler: Sagira - Mean Streak

Once again sorry to do this to my fans. September and October ALWAYS seem to sap my reserves and I end up in this boat.

Today's filler is an older and one of the first images I made of Sagira. Some things have changed, but the attitude hasn't. Sagira does posess a mean streak... truly... she is alot like her grandmother Carmen, a bit self-centered, a bit sadistic... No wonder Cabal fears for her future.

This Week's Featured Comics!

This week features actiony fantasy and science fiction comics!

Retroblade - In order to save the future a man must go back in time, and don't forget the jam!

The Demon Archives: Minerva - In a post-nuclear world, one man and his AI fight against chaos.

The Ferrin - Stuck in the jungles of an alien world, a woman fights to preserve the indigenous species.