Filler: Endgame Cover Concept

Yup, here we are another week gone and the page STILL isn't done. I promise you, I will make TOHS's comic page the priority for this weekend, skipping Plague's next update if I have to. But TOHS gets done first.

So this is a (Semi)abandoned idea for the cover of the next TOHS Book coming out this October. "Endgame" will conclude the original trilogy of books that started things (And Endgame actually has the OLDEST portion of the story because I wrote IT before adding Cabal's whole backstory).

I took opinions on what people thought, if they would pick up a book with this cover, and I got a "hey this is great art, but..." "Doesn't appeal to me visially for a cover." "Would mislead me into thinking this was a book about religion." Valid points... truly. So I've decided to scrap this as a cover idea but may resurrect the line art to make chapter breaks, which might be fun!