The Bombshell...

And the bombshell drops... It's a good thing Garrett decided to own up. I don't think that Sagira would have believed the tale coming from her father's mouth.

Going to Small Press Expo?

Spiderforest Webcomic Collective will have a table this year at SPX in Bethesda! We are promoting our brand and our creators' talents!

While I can't make it, some of my work will!

You will be able to purchase 4x6" or 8x10" prints of Tigershark and Cabal at the table. OR You can get a leg up! Spiderforest has set up a store front for preordering! If you're going to SPX and would like to preorder a print from myself or another fellow member, check out the Spiderforest Print Store! ***This run if for PICK UP AT SPX ONLY!***