NtF Week 4

Name that Frame!

Welcome to the 10th Annivesary contest known as Name that Frame! Every friday for the next six weeks will have a new set of images for you to peruse. I will also be posting these on the Contest Thread in the forum

The name of the game is simple, identify the chapter and page each image can be found on! The person with the most correctly identified frames wins!

To prevent people from stealing your answers PLEASE do not post your answers in the comments on this page! That will disqualify the image for everyone not just you! You can click the contact button in the upper right of the sidebar to post your answers. You have the choice of submitting your answers each week, or you can collate them all into one email and send it following the last posted NtF page!

One winner per comic unless there is a tie (in other words you can't win both TOHS and Plague's contests. Sorry.)