Sagira finally gets it... what her father actually means to her... what Garrett warned her about. Is it too late to ask forgiveness for such selfishness?

Cabal manages to make himself clear as to his feelings about his daughter....

No One Caught that right? Nothing like seeing how the page looks on site only to notice a HUGE GLARING ERROR. Yeah nope, I couldn't figure that out while I was working on it no... I found it once the page was live (as usual). For those of you who were quick, the middle panels held Sagira's left hand (As opposed to the right hand in the first and last panels *HEADDESK). Had to take abit of time to revamp that middle section to cover the consistency error! LOL!

Spider Forest News!

First off, Spider Forest got a site upgrade, a gorgeous, major upgrade! You really need to check it out!

With that upgrade comes another application season! Opening August first and going three weeks, we will be accepting, reviewing, and voting on potential new members! Click the image below to see the requirements for application! :D