Used to Love Me...

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So I'm trying really hard here not to rehash verbatim previous conversations. Please let me know if this is feeling too redundant. I include it becasue Sagira knows none of this, and I felt it was a good refresher of Cabal's very turbulent past.

It also gives us a good look at how unstable Cabal's feeling mentally.

This is the last update I have ready to go.

I'm still working to get the final pages of Plague knocked out (I'm on 25 and still have 26 and possibly 27 to go). Being that I'm trying to wrap that title up in order to focus on Michael for a January roll out, this title will go on a (hopefully very) short hiatus. If things go well I can resume updating this title by mid December.

Thanks for your support and understanding. It's not every day you close out over a decade of storytelling in one continguous storyline, and I want to do the end of Plague justice! :)

It is in the Family

Cabal is very aware of the probability of mental illness in his family. He still thinks he's just as prone to it as his mother was. And yes Carmen and Sagira's actions are extremely similar so it's easy for Cabal to jump to the conclusion that Sagira will end up on the same path Carmen walked.

He hopes it's not true, but he's braced for the worst as it were.

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