It is Not Chauvanist....

To some (even to the ladies here) Cabal's statement might be construed as one driven by chauvanism. I guarantee that is far from the truth. He'd been trained by and has gotten his ass kicked by just as many women as men, and he knows that they are just as capable as he is.

The drive here is really what Garrett brings up, neither Sagira nor Miranda have had any kind of training at defense much less an out and out fight. He'd rather not offer them up as pawns to Meirakat's army.

This page only took me 3.5to 4 hours. Granted there's only two cells, but I have eight poses to color and shade as well as backgrounds to knock out - so it's not really a cop out. :P

I'm actually pretty happy with how the movement is shown between first and second cell! As you can ask my audience I had no clue how to approach the content of the page when I started this draft! LMAO! And no I didn't copy frames top to bottom, I actually drew both sets of poses seperately!