I Wanted to Stay

Oh dear, it looks as if Cabal has hit bottom again. Though he may not show it most of the time, he does battle insanity on occasion. Now it seems is one of those times. See even he's not sure whether that Limbo event actually happened to him or whether his mind's fracturing again.

This is the third time in his life that he's gone through this kind of mental illness. The first was after killing Carmen (If you look back at the Shattered pages you can see it), and once after his first wife died.

In between he worries that he IS just as crazy as Carmen got... it nags at him, and in low moments like now, he suffers it most strongly.

Mom was crazy and dad was depressed, Cabal is simply predisposed to this behavior.

We'll see another symptom of it later in this story (I mean look at the title and extrapolate... :P)