Bye-Week Filler: End of the Matter Divider


This is a story divider from the novella collection TOHS: Genesis. (Being released in TWO DAYS - April 15th!) This particular one is for the novella "End of an Era" where the vampires face extinction due to a man-made virus. Yet there are always survivors to plagues... this is their story... O_o

Comic Features

This week we are featuring comics about space and unseen worlds! A Hearty Welcome to:

The Dad Brigade - Brandy is a young girl being trained under the protection of a group of highly skilled mercenaries. Among these mercenaries are the assassin, Crucible Jack, the marksman, Jean d'Arblast, and the warlock, Hergin Pride. Dale O'Dawn, a noble knight, tries to keep them in order, to little avail. Together, the men must put aside their differences to raise Brandy into a warrior fit to stop the apocalypse.

Dreamrise - The setting is the year 2515, when most of the solar system has already been colonized and terraformed. A motley ensemble cast must work to fight things like Magic Terrorists, Corrupted viruses from alternate timelines, and EMOTIONS.

The Empathy Drive - The promised golden age was lost before it began. Humanity reached for the stars, remaking fledgling civilizations in our own image. When the unthinkable happened, we fled - riding a cascading wave of xenophobia back to Earth. These are the stories of those who were left behind.

Of Conquests and Consequences - A teenage aristocrat from the North finds himself a prisoner of war and is assigned as a

Realm of Owls - A parliament of owl people have raised a grand city in a lustrous turf. These are the records of two owls who have decided to document the history and antics of their silly people in a whimsical comic strip form. Everything from the ever-shifting sovereignty to ice breaking to pigeon flinging is depicted here!