Hiatus Filler: White Out

This Roller Coaster Called Life

Okay, so I have to face it, things are just too hairy right now. In order to get some semblance of sanity back, I am going to have to put my comics on hiatus until my project work is finished.

I am sad to announce that Darwin Comics (Both TOHS and Plague) will be going on Hiatus starting May 8th and running through May 31st. It is my hope to resume updates - on a REGULAR schedule - starting June 1st with TOHS.

I do apologize... but the past few months have been a hell of a roller coaster ride...

Spiderforest Podcast! Fact VS Fiction!

This past April, The Spider Forest Comic Collective has been releasing podcasts talking about different aspects of webcomic creation! From elements of art style, to creature design, to retcon and reboot, the creators have been interviewing well known comic creators outside the community and having panel discussions on the topic at hand!

There are some really great explorations of the craft and I highly recommend them to our followers! Head to Spider Forest Podcasts for more!

Our fourth podcast is now LIVE! And Yours Truly is one of the panel members! :)

Today's Page

Another image from the novella collection "The Only Half Saga: Genesis"

Though not directly related to either End of an Era or Seeds of Truth, the third novella in the collection is one I consider closest to horror for me. I can't even really remember the drive to write this one, however I knew it had something to do with a dhampir from before the world fell as we know it.