A Few More Things

Miranda has been full of disapproving looks today hasn't she? I get the impression she wasn't thrilled with his reaction to being poked.

Cabal isn't making the line up about doing chores. In fact he's beem reviving and maintaining equipment in the mosier facility for about 40 years to this point. When Miranda's Dad died, Cabal stayed for five years, and in the process Miranda showed him how things are supposed to run. His ability to see energy has helped bring systems long dead back to life.

If you haven't guessed the Mosier Facility is quite large. Many of the unneccessary processes before now were shut down to both conserve energy and to keep the heat bloom the facility emanates to a minimum. With the swollen population, it's only obvious some of those lesser used parts of the facility will have to be awakened. So I think it's a fair price that they "pay to stay" through work.

And wow, nearly page 20 of this particular chapter! Going to be a longer one then! Still have some more things coming out!

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