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She Saved Me...

So going into the draft on this page I really had no idea how the dialogue was going to go down. :P

The reason? WEEEEEELLLLL.... I am doing this scene in reverse of the written version and once I had started I realized transitioning to Lucinda from Carmen was going to be tricky without losing the whole... "I worry for you because our family is a bit batshit..." vibe.

So it feels like a bit of a stroke of genius how this goes from Cabal's previous bouts with insanity to how much Lucinda helped him find balance in himself. WOO Score one for the home team! Now I can move forward with the rest of this and I can even see how it will tie in with the later parts of the conversation! *Dances!*

Michael Launches January 1st!

My other long running graphic novel Gemutations: Plague has come to its conclusion after nearly 12 years of being on the internet!

I don't know what I'd do without two comic projects going at the same time, so I've decided that I will be starting Michael on Mondays in Plague's place starting January 1st! The neat thing about it is, the title is an extension of the gemutations universe and takes place approximately 16 years after the end of the Plague storyline!

The site is already up and there are a few fillers to look at (as well as a whole lot of aux pages!) Please take a look, add it to your RSS and comment at will! I'm looking forward to having a Teen rated comic to share with everyone!