Concept: The Barracks

The first in our hiatus fillers is a concept for the upcoming story arc "The Devil's Own."

The main character is going to be a herebefore unknown dhampir, and the setting is going to be COMPLETELY new.

The setting Moves to Europe - Italy to be precise, a place that hasn't been nearly as affected by the nuclear tragedy that has befallen much of the rest of the planet.

The society is back to a pretty feudal system, and the Houses and Courts are run by Vampire Lords - each of which has divvied up the remaining human populations between them.

This is part of Lord Damien's Court - the Barracks where the Devil's Own are housed. I don't want to give much more away than that at this juncture... but I'm drawing and sharing these because I REALLY need to nail down the setting in which I will be working with this story.

I'm going to start with the individual buildings that make up the court, and then work on a layout of the grounds of the entire thing.

Still to be worked: The Crypt (The royals dwelling), the residences (the vampire dwellings), the dorms (Human dwellings), The Tower of the Rose, the town that supports the court, the practice field and other miscellaneous infrastructure that will be necessary for this story to work properly.