Concepts: Armor

The Devil's Own are primarily ceremonial... in other words there there to be a deterrent to would be assassins and other assailants. They are trained in battle, and most did stints with Lord Damien's Army before being charged with Damien's protection.

So for the most part they will be dressed in the shinies... the chrome plated armor with all the decorations (Bat winged helmet with the crest, a short cape draped over one shoulder etc...)

However, Lord Damien's not stupid... the armor can't be just for looks because wars and conflicts don't pick convenient moments to pop up....

The ceremonial armor can withstand blows by both sword and gun, and can even insulate against energy weapons! They're not just pretty wrappings!

There are also camouflage, war-specific armor.... More practical in a long term skirmishes.


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