About The Only Half Saga

Supernatural factions have become public knowledge following the devastation and then recovery of the earth from a nuclear accident. That doesn't mean that all supernaturals are on even footing. Vampires have a long standing hatred and fear of their dhampir offspring, killing any and all they come across. Humans are often unaware of their nature, but have historically reacted with violence when they do. This leaves the dhampirs stuggling to survive between two societies that don't want them.

Cabal is one such dhampir - raised with only his vampire mother for company. He finds he has talents even his mother cannot teach him to use - differences he is unable to ignore. When he is forced to slay his mother to stay alive he comes to blame his father for her madness, vowing to avenge her death if it takes his considerably long life.

Garrett grew up in a coven in Old Chicago. It wasn't until the vampire Lord Meirakat came hunting his mother that he found out he was more than just a warlock - he was also a dhampir and Meirakat was his unwitting father. After his mother's murder, Garrett makes a radical decision. He joins an anti-supernatural group known as Victor Sierra. It's in his capacity as a Wanderer that he runs into Cabal - a run-in that leaves the two dhampirs at odds with one another.

Dominic is a second generation of the Devil's Own, a cadre of dhampirs born, bred, and trained for a singular purpose - to serve and protect their vampire lord, Damien, from threats without and within. When visitors arrive from the United Territories to negotiate trade with the house, his world gets turned on its ear. All that he knows will be tested, and he can only hope his House is still standing when all is said and done.

About me:

Denise Randall, or Darwin, as she likes to be called, has been writing creatively since the age of nineteen. She has been drawing since the age of 4 1/2. While she has been writing stories with the intention of getting them published. In 2006 she combined her two passions into webcomics. She considered it an excellent way to get others interested in her written works.

With the help of Kez, she set up at Drunk Duck, and then the mirror on Comicgenesis with her graphic novel adaptation of the sequel to her published book Gemutations: Plague. Catching the "fever" as it were, she was quick to follow up her first effort with an adaptation of the ending chapters of Only Half: Endgame, beginning with Sins of the Father. By 2011 she was accepted to the Spider Forest Comic Collective and moved her comics to their current home.

As you can tell by her "other comics" listing, she didn't stop there. And each year she brings on board another set of characters in the graphic style.

Other things you might like to know:

Denise has been married to her husband, Scott, for nearly twenty-six years, and they live in Central California on a small ranch.

Currently her job is as a 6th grade math, science and AVID elective teacher.

Her "Dream Job" is to pick up a long term publishing contract for her stable of novels.