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The Devil's Own

AKA: "Prince" Dominic
Age: 310
Height: 77"
Weight: 280lbs
First Appearance: Duty page 1

Dominic is a second generation Devil's Own, a specially bred and trained cadre of Dhampirs sworn to protect the Vampire Royal Family. He has known no other life. When visitors arrive from the United Territories it threatens to tear his world apart.

AKA: The Crimson Death
Age: 315
Height: 69"
Weight: 140lbs
First Appearance: Not seen in comic yet.

Cherlize was taken in by Lord Damien when she was but eleven years old after being left in the sunlight to burn by her former house. She is an enigma to most members of Damien's court, not vampire, not dhampir, but vadaryne - her talents are varied and powerful. Despite it all, will she be able to stop what's coming to Damien's court?

Age: 12-620 (Depending where you're at in the Archive)
Height: 72"
Weight: 185
First Appearance: Fickle World

Cabal is a dhampir - A half-vampire. He has spent the past 550 years chasing his father Renate through the post-apocalyptic remnants of the United States. The vampire took his mother's heart, her immortality, and then rejected her. It's funny how revenge is a harder thing to come by than one thinks.

Miranda Arturo
Age: 38
Height: 66"
Weight: 130
First Appearance: Faith and Salvation

Miranda met Cabal when she was merely 15. She's gone through a lot of emotions towards the dhampir - infatuation, hate, indifference, attraction, and finally love. She's tried ever more desperate means of garnering his attention and the affection she can see him trying to hide. He's never taken the bait until now.