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Welcome one and all to The Only Half Saga!

TOHS is a collection of stories revolving around dhampirs, the half-breed offspring of vampires and humans.

For much of the story, there is one central character: Cabal.

Others will be introduced as their time comes around, but the great majority of the tale is about Cabal's development from a preteen all the way up to his 600th year.

TOHS is based off a series of Novels I have been writing since 2004, and has been one of the most prolific story series I've ever involved myself in.

The comic can be broken down in to three rough timelines: Before the Fall, Endgame, and the current run of Of Dhampirs and Warlocks

I've always considered Cabal's story the equivalent of a TV series, with a string of adventures through the progression of the years.

I hope that you will enjoy my vision of the Supernatural elements!