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Prognosis is not Good

So, coming into this page you may have noticed something different about the site.

As the archive for TOHS has gotten larger, I've been considering off and on again getting everything but the current arc off the main site. I even made effort in that direction now and again, and was constantly thwarted. (see I didn't want to buy a bunch of new domain names to do this, I wanted to make sub folders).

Well I recently buckled down and gave it another shot... and for some reason it worked this time. And once it worked once I did it two more times for good measure. Essentially I copied the site three more times and then tailored things to include only the section of the archive I wanted in each sub folder.

Long story short, I've broken the archive into four sections, each with it's own site! I'm still working on getting them compatible with mobile, so forgive the mess if you use a phone to peek at them.

  • Before the Fall
  • Endgame
  • Of Dhampirs and Warlocks
  • The basic url now will take you to the hub page. So if you end up there by accident, be sure to RSS the comic or ensure that you add /comic/ at the end to bring you to the latest pages!

    Today's Page

    Lessons learned, be careful what you research. I wanted a realistic looking septic wound... google images supplied PLENTY and none of it was pretty to look at. :/ But here we go.

    This page came together pretty fast actually, and I'm quite happy with how it turned out.

    What was that at the end, there? Cabal "muttering" in his sleep, surely.