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Threads: Secret Places Funding NOW!

I am going to take this week of my hiatus to spotlight the SpiderForest's annual community project!

Secret Places is the fifth Kickstarter and the fourth anthology to be put together, crowdfunded, and fullfilled by the SpiderForest Webcomic Collective!

Rewards include PDF and Print versions of the current and past Anthologies, Commission Tiers, stickers, tote bags, pins and more! Please stop by and check it out. New rewards will be posted at intervals!

All money raised from the project (above the cost of printing and shipping books and merch), will be used to help fund other community functions (in the past, Cons, cost of hosting). This year we are working to get a brand new home site built from the ground up to suit our needs and some of this funding will be going to the programmer for all their amazing hard work!

I contributed the story "Into the Void" about a sailor's "routine inventory" leading to a fantastic world where mythological creatures live in an advanced social structure... or does it?