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Divide and Conquer

OOPS! I thought I had this queued already!

Okay sorry about that, this is what happens when I get any kind of ahead, I tend to forget things! BAH!

So this page was a trick because I wanted to imply that both insertions are happeneing simultaneously. That proved to be a challenge in another sense. Having the scenes side by side limited my art space. I hope it reads well enough.

Comics of the Week - 3

Week of Jan 23-29

Comfortably Numb

C/O Pink Floyd

Freezing temperatures, Psi-Profiles, and deadly visions, it's enough to make the strongest person numb. Not all gifts from the ice or visions from the past are beneficial.

Gifts of Wandering Ice
Gifts of Wandering Ice - A sci-fi comic where an apocalypse made humanity better.

Numb - After getting into an accident, Levi starts seeing strange things around him.