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Growing Pains

And we begin a new chapter in the tale. I apologize if there was confusion about that time jump between the end of the previous chapter and the end of the interlude. It was in fact supposed to be a segue through about a month's time. Hopefully that will become clear as the chapter moves forward.

TOHS has a TV TROPES page

Okay LOL I've secretly been wanting one of these (even when I wasn't sure what it was all about). So imagine my susprise when another creator made a page for me! TOHS TROPES PAGE

So I ask you my savvy readers who are probably better at this tropes thing than I am - have at! link/backlink/put up links to pages where you see the tropes!

Comic of the Week

Okay I'm up for the last week of the cross promotion so instead of touting my comic, I am going to tout a comic I recently found that I enjoy very much. It actually is not a Spiderforest Comic though I have asked the creators to apply in the past.

The story revolves around a mysterious stranger who keeps as his companions two crows. Who is he? What is his mysterious "illness"? It is a fantasy tale with some really gorgeous, loose painterly-style artwork. It is still early in the archive and story, so it is a great time to jump in and get started!