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I will Remind Em....

Well now... I guess I forgot to queue the news! O_o

Cabal gives some "sage" advice to Blaine about how his friends should behave for a while. Is that Sarcasm there at the end, Blaine?

October Hiatus

While I've mentioned this before, I wanted to remind everyone that the title will be taking a month long Hiatus in October. There is usually just too many things going on for me to keep up with it and with my comic production.

If you're a fan of the title, and are willing to do a little something to help me tide over the work until I get back, I would be very grateful! Any little bit would help. Sketches, digital drawings, mini-comics (if you're willing to put that kind of effort in)...

Your work will be posted each week with full credits for your help, including the link of your choice to show off your other works! If you're willing to assist me in the matter, please send any entries to me by clicking the "contact button" in the upper portion of the sidebar! I would like to have all fan arts by September 22nd so I have time to get them queued and linked! :) Thank you in advance for your help!