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Suddenly a Party?

Ah Sagira, I think I've missed your Honey Badger routine about nudity... I think... :P

It's always hard to tell in the Mosier Facility what time it is.... but trust me if Sagira's in bed, it's daytime.

So for a Vampirid (ahaha making up new words again), being up during the day is about the same as most of us being up at 2AM... grumpy times.

I'm with her... this group has been in the facility for over two weeks now, and just because Cabe and Miranda made it official everyones up to party? I guess there's the thought that there was a bit of a guillotine hanging over their heads, because they could have been kicked out at any point and time before this. But still... must they be so loud about it?

It was a tough season with lots of great applications! It was very difficult for us to narrow down the field! But we did it! and we are welcoming 11 new comics and their creative teams to the Spider Forest Webcomic Collective!

They are (in no particular order):

Obscurato by Deanna Brigman (creator), Ryan Burst (Letterist), Basia Padlo (Editor)

Hex Lovers by Teo Acosta

Heart of Keol by Min "Keiiii" Kwon

The Magpie by Bones McKay and Ursula Gray

Littlelight Asylum by Julian Dominguez (Writer), Esther Pimentel (Artist), Toben Racicot (Letterer)

Bonabyl by Manek D'Silva

Folklore by Adam Ma and Colin Tan Wei

Children of Eldair by Jemma M. Young

Tistow: Small Trolls by Elli Puukangas (inks), Karoliina Hankonen (colors)

Beneath the Clouds by Caroline Parkinson

I, Mummy by Andy Purviance

New Podcast!

Webcomic artists often have to be their own web designers as well, and that can seem like a very complicated task. But fear not! Help is on the way.

In the first part of the episode, Christina Major of Sombulus interviews Ben Gremillion, the co-creator of The Grawlix CMS, about the Content Management System he created, and the future plans for it.

In the second part, Daniel Kelly of Saffron & Sage leads a roundtable discussion between Sophie Pfrötzschner (Soul’s Journey), Monica N. Galvan (Moonslayer) and Alyssa Alecci (Lapse) about what makes a good webcomic website, the many benefits of having a site of your own, and the weaknesses and strengths of the various CMSes that webcomic artists can choose from.