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You Leave Me Little Choice

Doesn't look like Garrett's going to let her go easily, if at all hmmm?

And the way Sagira's acting, I keep wondering if she's just shining him on with this "still mad at you routine..." guess we'll have to wait and see...

Thus concludes this chapter.

That brings us to the final chapter in this arc starting next week... after reading over the chapter, it seems as if it may be shorter than this one.

Following the conclusion of this story arc, TOHS will be taking a long hiatus, while I prepare for the next story arc (The Devil's Own). The setting, cast, and story will be completely new, and that is going to require some serious prework before I can even start updating it. My hopes are to have things all ready to go for an October 4th Launch with the new story! I'm excited because Devil's Own is my absolute FAVORITE story in the TOHS universe to date. I wrote the whole novel in less than eight months, and I think you'll like it as well (so long as I can pull off what I'm hoping that is!)

Comic of the Week - 8

This week we have some great Antrhopromorphic comics for your perusal! This includes my newest comic effort "Michael" Enjoy everyone!

Michael by D. Randall- What would it be like to be a gemue in an all human high school? Michael is about to find out as his sharkmue genetics begin to show. Some want to put him on a pedestal others want to run him out of school - Michael just wants to survive the ninth grade.

Realm of Owls by Gheralf and Vayandil - Please, have a seat. Wait! Stand up first. Now, sit down. Stand up again. Why are you standing? Sit down. Now, let us tell you of a city run by owls...

The Cyantian Chronicles by Tiffany Ross - The Cyantian Chronicles is a collection of ongoing comics centered around anthropomorphic creatures from another world and their adventures in finding out who they really are, other than a genetically engineered slave race whose roots lie on the planet Earth.