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A Bit Left Out

So goodbyes are in process, and Garrett seems to be the odd man out.

Open Call for Guest Art

As mentioned in the previous news, when this chapter finishes, the title will be taking a pretty long hiatus in preparation for the newest TOHS arc The Devil's Own.

I would like to start stockpiling new guest art between now and this summer to help tide the title over until such timas I'm ready to roll out DO.

If you're interested, there's no need to do more than surprise me with something. It can be from Of Dhampirs, Endgame, Before the Fall, or even Redemption (should you have read the novels). Please send your entries through the contact button above. I will give all artists and writers full credit for their work including links of their choice to be promoted! After the new title starts, I will take all entries and move them to the fan art page.

Thank you in addvance for any art that comes my way.