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What is Love?

A couple things I want to point out on this page... the first is Garrett's admission about never having loved someone before. It's true... his mother was grooming him to take her place on the Chicago Coven's leadership, and covens tend to believe in "free love" (Ie multiple partners with no commitments). That attitude followed him for his entire life, adding to his philandering ways.

The only person to even come close was Samantha (Sam) a VS recruiter who pretty much handled Garrett's induction and training as a wanderer.

Which brings us to the second major point about this page... Garrett's mention of Sam is two fold here... See.... Cabal, in his attempt to escape captivity with VS kinda... welll, to put it politely he scrambled Sam's brains and made her slaughter her entire unit.

So Garrett still holds that over Cabal's head, because it was the reason Garrett set out to capture/kill Cabal all this time. (that and how he humilated Garrett by getting the jump on him and nearly killing him too.)


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