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Weaseled Out

See now PART of the reason I didn't get this one done before this is that I'm tweaking storyline on the fly. In other words, I didn't like the way the (Already written) end of the story played out so well, and I'm trying to make it fit a bit more believably into what I've already established.

I just didn't seem plausible or believable that Sagira (miss highly independent) would still get in the vehicle and go with a guy she truly despises.... there'd be no way, Cabal and Miranda have surely taught her better than that - no matter that she's all about doing whatever her parents tell her NOT to do.

So I've been mulling how to dovetail what I've established with my intended endgame, without having readers suspend their disbelief regarding Sagira's "change of heart."

Hopefully this is a satisfying compromise for my readers as well.