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Off into the Moonset

And THUS concludes the Of Dhampirs story arc! O_o A short chapter, but there was a lot of repeat exposition in the written version and no need to belabor the obvious. :) We will see more of these two... Eventually!

That means this title will officially be on Hiatus until October!

Calling All Guest Artists

That's right I need some help filling the dead space between now and October! I have some concept work to start us off, but I know it won't be nearly enough!

If you're a fan of the work and would like to help me out, please click the contact button (Above right) and drop me your fan art, fan comic, or fanfiction!

Please format them between 800 and 900 px wide!

Thank you so much for your support through this arc, I'm dying to get to the next, but it is going to take me some time and work to get it running right!

Threads: A Gallery of Rogues

SpiderForest Webcomic Community is proud to announce the Kickstarter for its second comic anthology! This collection of 15+ stories celebrates the rogues, ruffians, and rapscallions of the world! See what our truly talented artists have come up with and help bring this anthology to print!