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The Crimson Death

Hello there, Cherlize! She plays a big role in this story even if it is behind the scenes.

So some back building here. Cherlize is a member of "The Rose" which is a.... hmmm.... law enforcement arm of Damien's house. Well they have the reputation as Damien's assassins....

See Damien's house is a gathering place for dispossessed vampires and dhampirs who have been harrassed and hunted. The Rose itself is made up of dhampirs from all around Europe (All of whom are women BTW)

The "Brother" Moniker she uses on Dominic is an honorific rather than a statement of biological attachment. Cherlize is not at all related to Dominic or his cadre of half-brothers.

In fact she's not from Italy at all... She is of Middle Eastern descent and speaks six languages (all of which are archaic and not used frequently in this time period).

She is also a huge enigma to most who meet her....

Katharina's swift departure is because Cherlize has QUITE an exaggerated reputation - specifically "all who The Crimson Death visits die..." .

Dominic looks really worried about that rep doesn't he?