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Taking Charge

Another Fun Fact: Dominic is not the squad leader...

But when the reaction is inaction someone has to break the team out of it.

This page KICKED MY ASS.... I got three quarters of the inking done, and realized I had to draw ten small bodies running down CURVED stairs my brain said NEWP! Not Happening! FUUUUU! Took me over a week to finally sit down and MAKE myself do that sumbitch.

Once again, I love the results I just wish I had managed to get it knocked out sooner than I did (was literally down to a single page in my buffer for this title O_O!)

I've got some pretty big surprises in store this chapter...and it's very hard to sit on what that secret is... Some of you may have an inkling! Feel free to postulate on what you think the surprise is going to be! :)

We've already had hints, and there will be at least one more hint in the coming pages. *Dances*