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More clues here...

Please tell me what do you see and what do you think happened!

Next page will have a huge reveal! WOOOO!!!

***TRIGGER WARNING*** the next page has flash animation, so those who are prone to seizure please be cautious (Last cell only)

Changes to URL's

Okay so one more new thing for everyone. At the suggestion of Lusovius on my discord server, I have updated the URL's on Michael and on Plague to include the title of the pages. In addition I have changed the titles of the pages to display chapter-page for each archive. His suggestion was that it would make it easier to come back and find a specific page should a reader want to find it.

I think that's a tremendous idea, and don't know why I didn't consider it before.

I will probably do the same thing with TOHS but that endeavor is going to involve me going arc-chapter-page, because it's not one continuous story.

So a couple of questions:

Do you like the addition of the chapter/title in the url?

Do you think that I should omit the date of publishing? (IE instead of /comic/2018/12/03/4-1 making it just /comic/4-1 instead? Or something like removing the hashes between year month date?)

If you'd like to chime in head to my discord server and let me know what you think!