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For Now....

And there it is...

Dominic doesn't believe he's not being tricked... and Miranda's bravado is cracking and her worry is creeping in.

Comics of the Week 5!

This week features some of our more Chilling selections from the Spiderforest Lineup! If you like thrillers and horrors these three are right up your alley! Truthfully they are three of my favorite webcomics out there! I follow all three religiously!

Arbalest - Haelu is a monster, born of the snow and the long dark. In 6 months, she will be dead. Her purpose: to bring back the sun. But, as awareness of her complex self begins to emerge, Haelu forges goals of her own. Rated M for partial nudity, blood/gore, sex, themes of abuse.

Spare Keys for Strange Doors: Two experts in the supernatural help ordinary people with their extraordinary problems. Specialities include visitations, disappearances, compulsions, manifestations, transformations and removal of uninvited guests.

broken is a fantasy/horror story about a zombie kid befriending a fairy general and trying to deal with guilt, grief, and PTSD. This is complicated by eldritch abominations, a genocidal dictator, the dictator's wife, and a panic-induced exit from the last known bastion of civilization. Contains graphic violence (including suicide), body horror, and the occasional flashing image.