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If He Dies Tonight?

Oh? You didn't know that Dominic? No..? No one did, except the entire reading audience. :P

Miranda and Cabal made the conscious decision NOT to make their relationship known to House Damien, because they weren't sure how "traditional" Damien's house was. They didn't want to undermine trade negotiations should "mixed couples" be frowned upon.

One of those tidbits I ended up having to skip in the world-buildng that I kinda regret.

Comics of the Week 8

This week we have another round of "post-apocalyptic" webcomics. How do you survive after the world falls apart? That's what these comics explore! WiT and 6 Commando are both comics I follow religiously. WiT since it first started!

What it Takes is a post-apocalyptic action/adventure that follows Colbey O'Conner as she searches for her fiance in a harsh and violent wasteland. Her biggest clue to his location is the enigmatic A City in a Place. Can she make it there before King Arthur, who wants the City's resources for his own? Rated R for violence and profanity.

6-Commando - Mike-One-Echo is a giant robotic tank designed to win an atomic war, but he wasn't supposed to start one. Programmed with the highest ideals of mankind and the weaponry to end civilization, he is now on a mission to execute one last program: to save as many people as he can - no matter whose side they're on - from the ravages of the war he started, and from themselves.