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A Word...(NSFW)

NSFW! Gore Warning (Yeah A Lot of good that will do on the page in question. :P) This page is another where this comic earns its MATURE stripes.

The book, when it comes out, goes into this scene in a bit more depth (because it comes from Cabal's POV... whereas I'm making myself stick to Dominic's POV for the comic.) But the next few pages are going to put a point of exclaimation on what Dominic told Miranda about not serving a Western Justice...

He said they can't KILL Cabal, they said nothing about torture. And they are doing their damndest to get him to confess trying to kill Lord Damien.

This page took me as long, or perhaps longer than a typical page, because, well I wanted to make sure the wounds looked realistic, I wanted a truly visceral reaction from readers. (I believe this is the horror infulence rearing its ugly head!)