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Fathers Honor...

Dominic is pretty good at Tap Dancing isn't he? Has come up with just the right words for Derrick's listening pleasure (or pain).

Derrick is the Eldest of Gen Two and Dominic's squad leader (I know, it's hard to tell). The "eldest" thing is super subjective in this case, because all of the second gen DO are mere months apart in age (The max being about 2.5 months). And if you've ever been in a senior-subordinate relationship, you've probably seen instances where "seniority" or eldest doesn't necessarily make for the best leaders. That's not to say Derrick's a bad leader... but it has gone to his head a little??

Dominic is definitely using the confusion in the aftermath of the attack to some advantage.

Though I'm thinking that his speech may have some unforseen consequences for "Lady" Miranda.

I had a bit of a time putting together the dialogue for this exchange, because it doesn't happen in the book. Again, this section was written from Cabal's point of view and he's so addled by his beating, he doesn't hear more than an angry exchange of words. I rather like how it played out though!