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Dominic continues with his usual brusque manner. He's not kidding. After all, he had no qualms about undoing the bit of healing Miranda was able to do on Cabal's cheek by using pain to get his attention. And trust me, he'd have no problems doing it again.

Cabal being a quick study is almost certainly related to his current abilities (compulsion, reading energy histories), which allows him to be receptive to other mental talents. He even had a bit of a mental link to his mother, and to a lesser extent to Renate.

Let's see where this all goes, shall we?

Threads: Haunted

Spiderforest is smack in the middle of their third anthology Kickstarter! Threads: Haunted contains 20 all new short comics about ghosts and other hauntings and range from poignant to eerie to funny.

Yours truly has a seven page short titled "Master of Fates" in this volume, a eerie tale of demons trying to bind Midnight's power for their use through an arcane ritual, only she's got other plans!

Check it and the rest of the offerings out and help us attain our goal of bringing yet another anthology to print!