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A Story...

One of these times I will get the colors for the two boy's "voices" right.

This page also touches on the idea that Cabal and Dominic have been around each other for a while, Which makes sense if Dominic was Cabal and Miranda's escort the past few weeks. BTW it also touches on a few brushes the two have had already.

I rather regret not getting Duel in here... Damien INSISTED Cabal show off how good he was as a Hunter, and while he tried to back out of it, he could only demure so far before he was obligated to go with it. Dominic was selected to be his partner in the duel a challenge he took a little too eagerly. Any guesses on who came out on top?

Threads: Haunted

Spiderforest is smack in the middle of their third anthology Kickstarter! Threads: Haunted contains 20 all new short comics about ghosts and other hauntings and range from poignant to eerie to funny.

Yours truly has a seven page short titled "Master of Fates" in this volume, a eerie tale of demons trying to bind Midnight's power for their use through an arcane ritual, only she's got other plans!

Check it and the rest of the offerings out and help us attain our goal of bringing yet another anthology to print!