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Sleep Now?

So how do you get a person to force their hand whose sole purpose is to overturn what you've come to know as your way of life? Yeah, Dominic doesn't know either! Especially when their crucial piece of evidence is an ability no one in Haouse Damien has seen before... one no one would believe.

And Cabal has been pretty much done since this conversation started, only staying cognizant because of Domnic's promise of more pain should he fade before they were done.

Spiderforest Application Season!

That's right it's THAT time again! Spiderforest is accepting applications through the 31st! The voting round will run through August and results should be disseminated by September.

If you have a long form or strip comic in any genre that is updating regularly, has at least one non prologue chapter (longform) or twenty-five strips for gag-a-day or other strip comics, and is free to read on the web, consider applying to our Collective!

For questions or to read our policy/requirements please stop by the Apply Page.

Good luck to all who apply!