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What Word?

Dominic has some time to contemplate current events. I imagine he feels just a touch powerless by all this.

Looks like he doesn't consider Demetrius' news as good either... a vampire, loyal to Philippe, handling custody?

The Devil's Own aren't army, BTW... They train with the army for part of their life, but they're considered a special unit. So anytime you hear one of them say ARMY they're talking about the vampire contingent that actually fights any conflicts arising from without. In a full on war, the DO would be tasked with assisting the army, but their priority would still be to Lord Damien.

Trying Something New

We are fast approaching the end of this chapter.

With that, I am going to try something I HOPE will help me keep from hitting a wall and having to hiatus.

Many of my fellow comic creators take short breaks betwen chapters, to recharge, and to help build up buffer for the next chapter before starting. I am going to attempt this process myself starting with TOHS because it is going to be the first to come to a chapter break.

So I am planning on taking two weeks at the end of "Proof" to get "One Dilemma at a Time" well started. One of those weeks will be covered by an interlude page I've already completed!

If someone is willing to gift me some TOHS art (from any arc) that would be awesome to cover the second week!

Let's see if this has the intended effect, or whether my "I've got time... OMG I'm falling behind" mode kicks in. Wish me luck!

Spiderforest Applications Closed!

Thanks to everyone who braved the application process! We will be using most of August to deliberate and vote on the applications we received! Be looking for word back sometime in early September! GOOD LUCK!