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As Do the Innocent

It's not uncommon in the military to debrief any happenings from the previous shift during changes in the watch.

This one took an INTERESTING turn however.

Demetrius is the one brother that Dominic is closest to and one of the few that stands up for Dominic when the others get to giving him a hard time about being "defective". (He can't sleep a full day, often getting like three or four hours before he wakes up and can't go back to sleep. He has that awful (/Sarcasm) pastime of WRITING when he's not on duty or sleeping. And because he doesn't sleep well he often does the writing thing while his brothers are still snoring away. :P).

He's kind of given himself away to Demetrius. He never uses his nickname Dem, unless he's doing something "underhanded". It's okay, his underhandedness is very low key, because he's such a fricking boy scout most of the time.

Usually, his underhandedness is sneaking out of the barracks to be with Katharina (who is his main go-to for bedding and blood meals). He's not supposed to play favorites with the blood-sworn.

I actually TIMED my process of ACTUAL production (IE if I got up to do something, the time got paused). This page took exactly 2 hours 39 minutes of actual art time. Compare that to the start and stop times.... started 10:38 AM finished at 1:47 PM.

Now of course I took less breaks this time because I knew I was timing myself... so this is NOT the usual amount of time a page of production takes up! LOL!