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While trying to get to his next destination Dominic gets intercepted.

Say hello to Katherina. She's been seen before briefly here. Her connection to Dominic is one of those side plots I've not really gotten to explore yet, though some of it will be revealed in the next page or so.

A Welcome to Our New Members!

It was definitely a tough decision this year to select from all of the amazing applications that came through our doors! We've been working feverishly to get them all onboarded, and now we're happy to announce our twelve new Spiderforest Webcomics!

We'll be featuring them over the next few weeks! Definitely check them out and see what you'd like to add to your personal reading lists!

For the week of September 23rd-28th!

A story about witchcraft, ghosts, responsibilities and the gay experience.

Slice-of-life adventures from a Fantasy world.

A fantasy tale following a ragtag troupe of bards out to solve a murder mystery!

A child foretold to be a fearsome god killer embarks on a desperate quest to change fate.