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What Makes You Privy?

So... it seems there's some history there eh?

You'll have to forgive him Katharina, he's just a LITTLE wound up...

Dominic has a particular interest in Katharina - well her line actually.

In House Damien, there are no blood slaves. Humans who live within the walls of the city surrounding the house don't even have to contribute to the vampire/dhampir appetites. Those that do are called blood-sworn and dedicate themselves pretty wholeheartedly to ensuring their protectors stay healthy.

Katharina's family has been doing just that for generations. And Dominic has found the women in their line to pretty irresistible. So Katharina is often the source of his blood meals as well as a little R&R on the side.

Week Two Welcome to Spiderforest!

An ancient satellite crashes into enemy territory. A team is dispatched to recover it, but they end up finding something else.

What would you do, if your senses start blending between what’s real and fantasy?

Teenagers with supernatural powers team up with woodland critters to defeat monsters.

A story about mental health, abuse of the vulnerable, and addiction.