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A bit of background information about Lord Damien's condition.

I actually really enjoyed making this page. The following page will be... interesting... as in I'm not sure just how graphic to get. I want readers to understand just how allergic Damien is to silver, but to do it implicitly or explicitly is a question.

Call for Guest art - Unplanned Hiatus

So I've been putting off a publishing project for one of my novels because I've been behind on Comic Production. I REALLY want to get this novel out before 2019 ends and all I have left is the novel cover.

To facilitate that I am taking a hiatus from November 11-24th. Updates will resume on November 25th with Michael.

I'm asking for Guest Art to help fill in the blanks the two weeks I'll be out.

Please send any guest art/comics/fanfics to the contact link above, and I will be sure to credit you and link your work so people can check out your awesomeness in person! Thank you in advance!