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I Reject Your Reality

Derrick is loyal to a fault it seems. Despite everything that Dominic has showed him and presented, the man still wants to bring it to the boss...

:/ Dominic isn't happy about it either. I mean, he understood that he had an uphill battle convicing anyone what Cabal showed him, and I think he did a pretty fine job leaning on other points than "Dude shared a vision with me..." which probably would have had him in a straightjacket by now!

Spiderforest App Season is HERE!!

That's right SpiderForest Application Season is underway!! We are in the final week of App acceptances. If you have been holding off, now's the time to get cracking! Applications will close on June 30th!

Please stop by the Apply Page and the FAQ page for more information on what we consider for our member comics and the expectations of membership if accepted!

Good luck to any and all that apply!