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OF Dhampirs Novel and PDF

So while you guys wait for me to get back to producing pages, I'd like to spotlight something related to the comic.

ODAW Novelizations

This October, I will be publishing my next novel, Of Dhampirs and Warlocks. Here's the interesting part... This part of the tale hasn't shown up in the webcomic (because I tend to select arcs from the stories that I think will be interesting to the readers.)

ODAW will cover how Garrett came to be ousted from his Coven in the East, why he and his mom were on the run, and how he came to choose Victor Sierra as his next Career move. Yes these things have been touched on in comic, but this will be all that behind the scenes stuff in detail.

Then, next Spring, I will be publishing the SECOND HALF, ODAW: Playing with Fire, which is the material the webcomic run was based on.


If you'd like to own the run of Of Dhampirs in comic form the PDF is currently available on my Gumroad!

This is the entire comic's run in one 250 page PDF!