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Guest Art by Maiji

Today's guest art comes to us from Maiji of Now Recharging

She chose "Prince" Dominic for the focus of her image. She found out he liked writing Science Fiction and decdided it would be fun to see him in a happier moment, quietly impressed with something he's jotted down. :)

I absolutely love it!

Go give Now Recharging some love!

Of Dhampirs and Warlocks

Today marks the release of "Of Dhampirs and Warlocks" as a Novel! This Prequel to the webcomic will fill in some of the gaps about Garrett's upbringing as well as the things that drove his decision to become part of Victor Sierra!

It will also touch on how Garrett and Cabal first met and why they hate each other so much.

You can peruse the lisitng now order your print or Kindle version for your Kindle, Phone, or tablet!

Help support this indie Author and get some much needed backstory!

Threads: Secret Places Anthology KICKSTARTER IS LIVE!

Today is the day for premiers! SpiderForest Webcomic Collective is Kickstarting it's FOURTH Threads Anthology, "Secret Places!" There's lots of goodies plannned for this go round including brand new prints, a new collection of digital merch, and commissions from some of our creators!

Stop by take a look and help us make another Anthology print run a smashing success!