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Make Them Pay for Their Pride...

First off I would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my daughter, Michelle! It would really make her day I think if you stopped by her Fanfiction account and gave her Assassin's Creed story some love! (it's pretty good!)

Our page finally wraps up Dominic's speech, rallying the Devil's Own and their allies in order to fight an uphill battle...

This chapter's not done yet however... :) More to come!


My very good friend and fellow webcomicker, KEZ is gearing up to run the kickstarter for her "What it Takes Omnibus". She is priting her entire 1100+ page run as a full sized graphic novel! It has revised art, and extra content than the What it Takes Webcomic!

In addition to the main event, you can get extra content like all of the side stories that tie into Colbey's journey through a post-apocalyptic hellscape!

The Kickstarter goes live August first! Check it out, mark it to watch and help me make her print run come to life! WHOOP! (Fair warning: Like TOHS, WiT is a mature rated comic for violence, gore, and swearing!)